#theEssenceOf Cersaie 2018: an editorial project

08 Oktober 2018

#theEssenceOf Cersaie 2018: an editorial project

A five-day trade fair, three industry influencers, three different bathroom concepts: these are the key ingredients of our #theEssenceOf Cersaie 2018 editorial project!
On the occasion of the Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishing Exhibition we welcomed to our stand bloggers Carlotta Berta (Un Progetto), Nora Santonastaso (Design Outfit) and Elisabetta Rizzato (Italian Bark): find out more about their experience!

Read Carlotta Berta’s first article below, Un Progetto (A Project)


It is official: the bathroom and kitchen are my customers’ favourite rooms in the house.

While at the beginning of my career I mainly focused on the living area, today people increasingly tell me: “we can do without space in the bedroom and living room, but we want a nice kitchen and a spacious bathroom”.

[Indeed, the term bathroom has become simplistic. The bathroom people now talk of is the only room in the house that can be locked, the only room where the key element is relaxation.]

The trend is clear: we like the bathroom, we take pride in showing it to our guests, and we want it to be beautiful, relaxing and even trendy.

That’s why the Cersaie fair is the perfect event if you want to understand future trends in bathroom design. Like every year I never miss the Ideagroup stand and its stunning display of meticulously designed bathroom furniture with brand new finishes which gives you the right inspiration for choosing the ideal bathroom suite.

I did some Instagram polls to try and understand my followers‘ favourite trends (you can find them in the Instagram Stories) Highlights if you would like to interact), and results show diverse tastes and preferences.

Now it’s my turn to respond, so I can give you some tips for choosing the best bathroom furniture.

Floor-standing or suspended cabinets

I personally prefer suspended cabinets, as they look much less invasive. I must say, though, that floor-standing cabinets are excellent for small homes where storage space is at a premium.

To be more precise, my favourite cabinets are neither floor-standing nor suspended, but mounted on feet, like the Form cabinet shown below.

Countertop, inset or semi-inset washbasin

Countertop washbasins are no doubt the most widely used solution in recent years and, in my opinion, they will be for quite a while. Some may say that with a countertop washbasin you end up splashing the whole bathroom: that is not always the case. Just choose a washbasin that is not too shallow, and make sure the tap is placed in the right position.

Inset washbasins are also quite interesting, and in most cases they create a gorgeous visual effect.

Last but not least, the semi-inset washbasin is a perfect space-saving solution for bathrooms that are a bit cramped.

Round or rectangular mirror

I don’t have an answer to this question: I would personally choose a round mirror if the bathroom has an airy, asymmetrical design, whereas I would prefer a rectangular one for solid, monolithic bathroom suites.


I could go on talking for ages about finishes: bathroom furniture has reached very high levels of customization.

The cabinet shown in the previous picture, for example, has a veneered finish. Last year it received the ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Award 2017.

You can choose from HPL, matt, glossy or soft-touch lacquered finishes, glass, veneers, polymer finishes and certainly many other finishes that I can’t even think of right now. Ideagroup’s standard range of finishes is incredibly wide.

Ask your dealer for advice, but always keep two simple rules in mind:

  1. Bathrooms have so many fixtures and elements besides cabinets (sanitary ware, taps, shower enclosures, shower trays, vanity units, mirrors, heated towel rails, floor and wall tiles), each with its distinctive style; for this reason, try to co-ordinate as many of them as possible. Choose a style and use it throughout the bathroom, always bearing in mind the overall visual effect.
  2. Don’t just stop at the outward appearance: beautiful bathroom cabinets must look good both inside and out. Check the cabinet carcase to see that it looks good and is also good quality. Ideagroup bathroom cabinets have carcases with customizable shapes and colours.


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